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El Pais Digital

On-line Spanish newspaper which is similar to The Times in the UK.

Teachers, Pupils
11-18 year olds
Make an Easter Basket

Why not print out one of our simple to make Easter baskets and fill it with goodies to give to your friends at Easter time? Full instructions and templates.

Teachers, Pupils
7-11 year olds
Baby Animals

Find out why spring is an ideal time for animals to have their young. There is information about calves, lambs, birds and about animals coming out of hibernation. Written at two levels of difficulty.

6-11 year olds
Hit the Button Maths App

App version of our popular Hit the Button game. Available on iPad, Android, Windows and Mac. Topics include number bonds, times tables, division, doubling, halving and square numbers. Covers up to 12 x tables.

Teachers, Parents
5-11 year olds
Ten Facts About Ancient Egypt

Travel back in time 5,000 years to discover ten fascinating facts about the Ancient Egyptians. It includes links to further information about Egyptian gods, heiroglyphics, Tutankhamun and how to make a mummy.

9-14 year olds
World War 1 Facts for Kids

Nat Geo Kids travels back in time to find out more about a conflict that rocked the world. Discover facts about the first World War.

7-11 year olds
National Poetry Day

Although suitable for any time of year, you can explore this site for ideas to celebrate National Poetry Day with poetry in school. It features Toolkit for Schools and downloadable teaching resources.

7-16 year olds
Amazing Crazes

Oxford Open Learning looks back in time as far as 1949 at many of the toys and crazes that children have enjoyed over the years such as hoola hoops, trolls, marbles and more.

7-11 year olds
Fruit Splat Addition

7 levels of addition sums to solve. The levels go up to adding two digit numbers with regrouping. Splat the fruit with the correct answers. Vary the speed to give yourself more time.

6-9 year olds
A Day in Pompeii

A stunning stereoscopic re-creation of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius over a period of 24 hours. It gives the story of what happened in Pompeii, transporting the viewer in time and space.

9-14 year olds
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