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Partial Product Finder

Partial Product Finder allows multiplication combinations to be represented as a rectangle, or array. Arrays up to 50 x 50 can be shown. The resource can be used to represent straightforward multiplication, as in times tables.

6-11 year olds
Math Limbo

A timed addition game where you solve the equations by adding two single digit numbers and choosing the answer or by choosing an equivalent addition. It can be used to speed up your mental arithmetic skills. Different levels.

5-8 year olds
Growing Up in the Second World War

The Second World War was a time of major upheaval for children in Britain with over a million evacuated from towns and cities. Here are 11 ways children were affected by the Second World War.

Teachers, Pupils
9-14 year olds
GCSE Bitesize Revision - Science

Comprehensive coverage of GCSE science topics which have been arranged by exam board specifications. Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge, but don't wait for revision time before you try it out.

14-16 year olds
Grace Darling

Grace Darling was a heroine from Victorian times. Watch the story here.

5-14 year olds
Santa's Little Helper

It's Christmas Eve and Santa is getting ready to make his delivery of presents to boys and girls all round the world. Find out in this story how he can deliver all the presents in time.

3-7 year olds

An animation where a boy explains why Diwali is his favourite time of the year. Afterwards you can make your own firework display!

5-11 year olds
Adjustable Spinner

Conduct a probability experiment by creating a spinner of your own choice and spinning it many times. See how your results compare with the theoretical probability.

11-13 year olds
History Trails - Victorian Britain

Follow the history trail which includes games to find out about life in Victorian times. This site from the BBC has information on the industrial revolution, social conditions, occupations and Victorian women.

Teachers, Pupils
11-16 year olds
Hickory Dickory Clock

A telling the time game. Choose the correct time and the mouse runs up the clock to get the cheese. Get it wrong and the cat is waiting!

5-7 year olds
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