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The Early Humans History Pack

Posted on 29-Sep-15

Earlier this month we reviewed the fantastic Teaching Packs website. Anyone signing up to the annual £15.00 subscription is of course entitled to download any additional packs produced during their membership. The Early Humans History Pack is a brand new addition to the Teaching Packs range and it's brilliant!

Teaching Packs - Samples

The highlight of this pack has to be the versatile fifty-five page eBook, which you can print out for handouts and displays, or read directly on a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard. The descriptions are written in child-friendly text and the images are first class.

The content is so comprehensive that it can form the basis for an entire history topic and in the days of tight school budgets it provides a sensible alternative to buying non-fiction books which are difficult to share with a whole class. In addition to this e-book there are printable posters including images of cave paintings, fascinating story starters and activities such as a quiz and pictures to colour.

All in all we think this pack is a really useful addition to the Teaching Packs range.