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Make a Dog Picture for Chinese New Year

Make your own Chinese New Year Dog Picture

Celebrate the Chinese New Year for 2018 – it's the Year of the Dog. Make a cute puppy picture using our printable template page and easy step-by-step guide. Everyone will love this happy picture!

You will need:

  • A4 piece of red card
  • A5 piece of grey card or paper
  • Black card or paper
  • White paper to print your template
  • Pink paper
  • Mug to draw around
  • Pencil
  • White and red pencil crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

What you do:

  1. Print the dog template Download our template of shapes, which you will need to print out to make your dog picture.
  2. Add the dog's sign Start with the red card to make your picture base. Red is a very lucky colour for Chinese people, so it is used a lot in Chinese New Year celebrations, to wish everyone good luck for the coming year. Carefully glue the grey card towards the bottom of your red card. This will be the sign for your dog to hold.
  3. Draw a circle to one side of your black paper by drawing round a mug with a white pencil crayon. You may find it easier if you turn your mug upside down. Cut carefully around the circle. This will be your dog's head. Cut out the dog's head
  4. Carefully cut out the two white paper circles from the template. These will be the dog's paws.
  5. Now cut out the template for the dog's ear. Fold your black paper in half and carefully cut out two ear shapes, using the oval template piece. Remember to cut through both layers of black paper together, to give you two ears the same size and shape.
  6. Glue the head shape in place, over the top of the sign, and stick the paws either side of the head, as though he is holding the sign. Make sure you stick his paws with the claws pointing downwards. Then glue the ears at the top of his head, one on either side. Add the dog and paws to the picture
  7. Carefully cut out the piece for the dog's mouth, from the template page. Now cut out a pink tongue using the tongue template and stick it in the middle of the mouth piece. Glue these in the middle, at the bottom of his head. Glue the dog's mouth and tongue on
  8. Now carefully cut the white piece for the dog's muzzle from the template page. Glue it in place just above the mouth, as seen in the image below. Add the dog's muzzle
  9. Carefully cut out the two eye pieces from the template page, and place in position on the dog's head so you can see where they will go. Glue these in place on the dog's head, so they touch the top of his muzzle. Glue the dog's eyes on
  10. Write a message on the sign of your Chinese New Year picture lightly with a pencil. Go over the words with a red pencil crayon. Our greeting says "Happy New Year of the Dog", or you could write "Kung Hei Fat Choy" which means Happy New Year, in Chinese. Happy New Year of the Dog