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Chinese New Year Printables

Chinese New Year is a happy, family non-religious celebration. To mark this celebration, we have a growing collection of printables here at Topmarks which you can download and print off.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

10 February 2024 marked the start of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Why not download our Chinese dragon sheet which is useful as a mindfulness colouring activity? Dragons in Chinese culture are friendly creatures which bring good luck, rather than fire breathing monsters in western myths.

Children enjoy colouring and the activity provides an opportunity for them to develop their fine motor skills.

Chinese New Year Sudoku

Chinese New Year Sudoku

Try our printable Chinese New Year Sudoku puzzle. It has four 4 x 4 grids with animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

Cut out the animals from below the grid and place them in the missing squares so each row and column has just one of each animal.

Chinese New Year Writing

Chinese Writing

Test your skills at some Chinese writing. Our template shows how 'Happy New Year' is written. There are two alternative printable pages, one with an outline guide to trace over and the other with just the characters to copy.

Chinese Dragon Dance Printable

Chinese Dragon Dance

How about printing off and colouring in this picture of the Chinese Dragon Dance?

You may like to look at the traditional colours and patterns of Chinese Dragons on our Dragon Dance page before you start.

Chinese Dragon Printable

Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and power.

They are friendly and lucky rather than fierce, fire-breathing creatures.

Chinese Lantern Printable

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lanterns hang in homes and streets everywhere in China and countries which celebrate Chinese New Year. The traditional colours are red for good luck and gold represents wealth.

You can find out about the Chinese Lantern festival of Chinese New Year on our Chinese customs pages.

Chinese Lantern Border with Lines Printable

Chinese Lantern Border with Lines

Download this printable sheet with a lantern border for your writing about Chinese New Year.

Chinese Lantern Border

Chinese Lantern Border

An alternative printable lantern border for your writing about Chinese New Year, but without lines.

We have more Chinese New Year printables on our make a goat mobile, make a horse puppet, make a snake mobile, make a rabbit, make an ox, make a tiger pages.