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Make a Monkey Card

Make a Chinese New Year Monkey Card

Here's an idea for a new year card to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. You could easily use this template to create a stick puppet too by making the monkey head and adding a stick on the back.

You will need:

  • A4 white paper
  • A4 red card (or a lollipop stick and sticky tape)
  • brown cartridge paper (13cm x 16cm)
  • biege cartridge paper (12cm x 21cm)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • dark brown felt-tip pen
  • metallic gold pen (optional)

What you do:

  1. Download our Make a Monkey card template and print onto a sheet of white A4 paper. Print the monkey template
  2. Put a dab of glue with the glue stick on the head shape and place lightly on the brown cartridge paper. With both layers together, cut out the circle labelled "head". Quickly peel away the white circle template before the two layers stick together properly. Cut out the monkey's head
  3. Stick the rectangle with the mouth, forehead and ear templates onto light bright cartridge paper lightly with a few dabs of glue stick, then cut each shape out of both layers of papers. Remove the white templates before the glue sticks to the light brown paper properly. Cut out the mouth, ear and forehead pieces
  4. Using the glue stick, fix the ears on back of the head at the sides and the heart shaped forehead. Glue the ears and forehead on the monkey's head
  5. Glue the mouth area to the monkey's head in the area indicated by the dotted line below. Glue the mouth area in place
  6. Cut out and stick on the monkey’s eyes. Draw on two nostrils and a mouth with a brown felt tip pen. It may help to lightly draw these with a pencil first as a guide.
  7. Fold your red A4 card in the middle for your card base and place your monkey in position before you stick it on. If you want to write on your own Happy New Year message it is a good idea to use pencil first very lightly and then go over it with a gold pen. Alternatively cut out the printout on the template and try it in place on your card. Stick both monkey and message onto your card when you are happy with how they look. Year of the Monkey Card