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Make a Rooster

Make a Chinese New Year Rooster

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster by making this simple stand-up rooster

Download one of our two templates and follow our step-by-step illustrated instructions. The first template works well with a colour printer and the second alternative allows you to cut out the shapes from coloured paper.

For the colour printer option:

  • A4 white card
  • scissors
  • glue stick

For the coloured paper option:

  • A4 white paper
  • brown paper
  • red paper
  • yellow paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick

What you do:

  1. Download either the colour printer template to print on the A4 card or the outlines template if you are printing on A4 paper. Coloured Template Outlines Template
  2. If like us you printed out your rooster in colour, cut out all the shapes. If you printed out the blank template use the template shapes to cut out your shapes from coloured paper. The colours you need are indicated on the template. It may help to roughly cut round the template shapes and then use a small dab of glue stick to hold the template in place while you cut through two layers. Quickly peel off the white paper template before it sticks. Make sure you keep the shapes the right way up when you are cutting so they fit left and right.
  3. Put some glue round the back of your rooster's head at the top and stick on the crest. If you used the blank template make a fold in the body where your rooster's wings are but then leave the wings open flat. Stick on the rooster's crest
  4. Stick on the rooster's eyes and also the red flap which will be under the beak. Add the rooster's eyes
  5. Gently place the rooster's beak and wing feathers in place before sticking them in position to make sure you have them in the right position. Take care not to stick them over the fold lines. Add the beak and wing feathers
  6. Fold back the wings along the fold lines so your rooster will stand up. You may need to score with scissors along the lines printed on the card.