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Make a Chinese New Year Tiger

To mark the Year of the Tiger we have produced this Tiger template which you can download, print out and colour in.

Finished Chinese New Year Tiger

You will need:

  • Two A4 pieces of white paper or card
  • A black pencil crayon
  • An orange pencil crayon
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick

What you do:

  1. Download our templates and print both pages out onto white paper or thin white card.
  2. Cut out the tiger's face carefully and colour it in lightly with an orange pencil crayon. Make his nose and the inside of his ears a little darker orange. Leave the area round his mouth and the bottom of his nose white.
  3. Draw in some black shapes for eyes leaving a white circle and mark in some whisker dots on his cheeks. Tiger eyes
  4. Using the black pencil give the tiger some short stripes on his face.
  5. Cut out the body shape and colour lightly with an orange pencil crayon and then colour black stripes with a pencil crayon across the body.
  6. Cut out the back paws and colour with an orange pencil crayon taking care to leave the toes white. Draw lines in between the toes with a black pencil crayon.
  7. Cut out the front paws, colour them orange and then colour in the tiger's pads.
  8. Cut out the tiger's tail and colour orange and go over with black stripes.
  9. Now it is time it is time to stick all your pieces together. Using a glue stick, attach your tiger head onto the tiger body and the tail on the back of the body. If you want to you could fasten the tail on with a paper fastener so the tail moves but we have stuck ours on.
  10. Now to give your tiger that 3D look, cut the two strips of white paper and fold into a Z shape along the fold lines. Glue these on the back of the front paws. Then glue the front paws onto the tiger. The paws should now stick out away from his body. Tiger's front paws
  11. Glue the back paws on the bottom of the body.
  12. Your tiger is now almost complete. To provide the finishing touches give your tiger some handsome whiskers. We made ours by cutting out some strips from paper that we had coloured with a black crayon but you could use black paper if you have any.