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Shape, Position and Movement

Shape Patterns Not Flash

Shape Patterns is a sequencing game where children from 3 to 8 years of age need to complete the pattern of different coloured 2D shapes. Three levels of difficulty.

Symmetry Matching Not Flash

Symmetry matching game involving mirroring pictures, shapes and patterns along lines of symmetry.

Symmetry Sorting Not Flash

Sort the pictures, shapes and letters into symmetrical and not symmetrical sets.

Symmetry Shapes Not Flash

A teaching resource for demonstrating symmetry on IWBs and iPads.

Geoboard Not Flash

A wonderful teaching resource for exploring shapes. Choose from two sizes of geoboard and stretch out the bands to make your shapes. Ipad friendly.

Demonstrate Coordinates Not Flash

A teaching tool which shows how to use coordinates in one, two, or three quadrants. Drag the markers around and their respective coordinates will be updates.

Area Builder Not Flash

A fabulous teaching aid and learning game site on areas, perimeter and fractions of shapes. You can toggle between one or two display areas which is useful if you want to compare different shapes.

ITP Coordinates Not Flash

This resource from Mathsframe allows you to use a marker to identify the coordinates of points on different grids. You can mark points and draw lines and shapes in either 1, 2 or 4 quadrants.

Polygon Playground Flash

A drag and drop activity where you can experiment with symmetry, tessellations or just design crazy patterns or pictures using shapes.

Tessellation Creator Not Flash

A teacher demonstration tool to show how shapes or combinations of shapes tesselate. Shapes can be dragged and rotated.

3D Objects and 2D Shapes Flash

A simple activity which looks at how many vertices are on a cube, triangular prism and a pyramid.

Interactive Teaching Program on Area Not Flash

This interactive teaching tool can be used in a variety of mathematical contexts such as multiplication arrays, finding different shapes with the same area, nets and more. It is useful because there are different backgrounds such as dots.

Turning Man Flash

Click on the turning man to see him make a quarter turn, half turn, three-quarters turn and whole turn. This resource is a useful teaching aid in full-screen mode for demonstrating turns.

Co-ordinate Grids Flash

Activities using co-ordinates including a treasure hunt. A good teaching aid for teaching how co-ordinates work.

Shapes Flash

A game where you need to sort 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties. This site lends itself well to a teacher led activity as the second section asks the questions but does not provide the answers.

Finding Symmetry in the Garden Flash

Find shapes in the garden with at least three lines of symmetry.