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Maths - Key Stage 3 (11-14 year olds)

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Geometry and Measures

Exploring Circle Geometry Properties Flash

A superb resource on circles with two sections 'Explore It' and 'Use It' which cover the facts about circle geometry, multiple choice questions with guidance if you go wrong, investigations of circle properties with interactives and game to play.

Exploring the Diameter and Circumference of Circles Flash

A multimedia video interactive which shows how circles are found around us and the relationship between circumference and diameter. There is an interactive activity where students can explore the value of pi and a printable worksheet.

Finding Area and Perimeter of Circles Flash

An excellent video tutorial which explains how to find the area and circumference of a circle and a semi-circle.

Axial Symmetry Flash

A simple demonstration of what axial symmetry is. View simple shapes and see the difference between horizontal, vertical and diagonal axes.

Symmetry Flash

A good tutorial with audio to help pupils learn the names of different polygons and how to draw lines of symmetry on some of them.

What's my Angle Flash

A great way to learn how to use a protractor. There's a tutorial on its use and random examples to practise.

Angle Types Flash

A simple lesson on acute, obtuse and reflex angles with an interactive test so you can check your understanding.

Angle Types Simulation Flash

Learn how to recognise different types of angles: acute, obtuse and reflex in this interactive simulation. You can create the angles on the protractor.

Exploring and Solving Triangles Flash

This website includes a video which shows triangles in everyday life and interactive exercises where students need to find triangles in a picture and then solve all the missing angles. It also includes a printable worksheet.

Quadrilateral Quest Flash

A quiz on the properties of shapes.

Translating Shapes Flash

An excellent video tutorial which shows you how to translate a shape using a vector.

Pentominoes Flash

This teaching unit from NGfL Cymru has 12 mini activities on pentominoes. After finding the pentaminoes in the investigation the activities include finding the symmetry and rotational symmetry of the shapes.

Nets of Polyhedra Flash

View nets of various solid shapes: tetrahedron, cube, square-based pyramid, cuboid, hexagonal prism, octahedron, triangular prism, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

Tetrahedra Investigation Flash

An investigation using the net of a tetrahedron. See how many ways this can be coloured in using four different colours only once. There are teachers' notes and an accompanying worksheet.

Co-ordinates, Lines and Curves Flash

This site has a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, each with teachers' notes, which can help with graph work.

Random Trigonometry Problems Flash

A clever website which generates an endless sequence of trigonometry problems in right-angled triangles. Find either angles or sides. It includes an optional on-screen calculator and provides the solution where you can check your answer.

Analyse Triangular Prisms Lesson Part 1 Not Flash

In this lesson you will learn how to analyse triangular prisms by locating and assessing pairs of congruent triangular faces. Best in full-screen mode.

A Tangled Web Not Flash

Help Itzi the spider rescue his family by solving the angles puzzles. Progressive levels from angles basics, angels between parallel lines, angles in quadrilaterals, polygons and circles.

Best Maths Animated Gifs Not Flash

View online or download animated gifs which demonstrate mathematical concepts such as Pythagorus Theorem, how to find the area of a cylinder and more.