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Literacy - Foundation (3-5 year olds)

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Letters and Sounds Tablet-friendly

A phonics resource which is totally free for schools and for an unlimited amount of users. This schools version has all the sounds unlocked so teachers can pick and choose each sound depending on which sound your working on.

Sky Writer Tablet-friendly

A handwriting demonstration tool which demonstrates correct letter formation. It works well as a whole class activity on an interactive whiteboard or in a group situation on a tablet. It includes a cursive writing option.

English Alphabet Flash

The site demonstrates letter formation of all the letters of the alphabet. Listen to their names and the sounds they make. Each letter is illustrated with a picture which begins with the sound.

Fishing Bowl Flash

A sorting game aimed at helping p, b, d confusion.

Letter Formation Flash

This site can help children to learn the names, sounds and formation of letters of the alphabet. Being an American site it has the American pronunication of Z

Listen and Match Flash

A matching sounds game.

The Painting Game Flash

A game where children match pictures with sounds. It focuses on initial sounds.

Nine Squares Flash

Children have a choice of nine pictures. They need to identify which one begins with each of the letter sounds.

Wordmaker 2 Flash

A wordmaking activity demonstrating how onsets and rimes go together into the wordmaking machine. Suitable for able foundation pupils.

Wordmaker Long Vowel Sounds 2 Flash

A good phonics teaching tool for demonstrating cvcs. Drag and drop cvcs into the wordmaking machine.

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