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Maths - Key Stage 4 (15-16 year olds)

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Geometry and Measures

Finding Area and Perimeter of Circles Flash

An excellent video tutorial which explains how to find the area and circumference of a circle and a semi-circle. Aimed at those pupils aiming for Grade C GCSE.

Translating Shapes Flash

An excellent video tutorial which shows you how to translate a shape using a vector. It is aimed pupils revising for Grade C GCSE.

Random Trigonometry Problems Flash

A clever website which generates an endless sequence of trigonometry problems in right-angled triangles. Find either angles or sides. It includes an optional on-screen calculator and provides the solution where you can check your answer.

A Tangled Web Flash

Help Itzi the spider rescue his family by solving the angles puzzles. Progressive levels from angles basics, angels between parallel lines, angles in quadrilaterals, polygons and circles.