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Literacy - Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds)


Caption and Sequence Flash

Follow the story of bear's holiday on this IWB teaching resource which can be used to improve caption writing or as a writing stimulus by asking children to embellish the story. It includes a sequencing activity.

Invitations Flash

Experiment with writing different sorts of invitation. Choose the best layout and images. Print out option.

Channel Earth Flash

An activity which demonstrates alliterative sentences based round a single phoneme. Choose a letter to see an animation and hear a silly sentence. See if you can write your own silly sentences.

Start with a Setting Flash

Start a story by creating the setting. Lots of ideas for stories here.

Start with a Character Flash

A simple tool for creating story characters. You can change their facial expressions, clothes (and setting), their gender and ethnicity. Add labels and print out your character if you wish.

My Monster Flash

This is a writing frame for a poem which describes a monster. It has word banks of adjectives and demonstrates the use of similes.

Build Your Wild Self Flash

Create a character and give him or her crazy features, including Madagascar parts, if you wish. You can print off your character if you wish. Great for describing your character or writing a story.

The Farm Flash

An appealing animation of animals which live on the farm. It is excellent for promoting language development. It has word banks so that the site can be used as a stimulus for a story or description of a setting.

Lists and Instructions Flash

Interactive activities on writing lists and instructions involving thinking about the order of familiar tasks.

Acrostic Poems Flash

An interactive tool which enables students to learn about and write acrostic poems.