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Unmuddle the Meals Flash

A drag and drop activity where meals are divided into their ingredients. It does not use the names of the food groups such as carbohyrates and proteins.

Make a Balanced Plate Flash

Sort the foods on the plate to see which food groups they belong to.

A Healthy Lunchbox Flash

Select items for a healthy lunchbox by dragging and dropping the various foods.

Health and Growth Flash

A simple simulation game where you have to see if you know what a boy called Ben needs to keep him healthy. There is a keeping healthy quiz too.

Farm to Fork Challenge Flash

A game where children see if they know the stages that food goes through from the farm to their plate.

Smell and Taste Flash

A well illustrated, interactive site which explains how smells and tastes are detected in the human body.

Keeping Healthy Flash

See what effect running, sitting, walking and sleeping have on the heart rate. Try the quiz on the heart's function and basic circulatory system. There is a lesson plan in the teachers' section.

How My Body Moves Flash

This animated site is about different types of joints in our bodies.

Function of the Skeleton Flash

This interactive site is about the function of our skeleton.

Teeth Flash

An interactive website which demonstrates the different type of teeth that help us to eat our food and how to look after them to prevent decay.

Teeth and Eating Flash

This BBC Bitesize site looks at teeth in both humans and animals. It covers the functions of the different types of teeth, their development and how to look after teeth properly.

Teeth and Eating Tablet-friendly

A fantastic, interactive website all about teeth, their uses and structure, how you should look after them, the different types of teeth. You can build a mouth in a drag and drop activity. Great in full-screen mode.

Smoking Stinks Flash

Take a tour through the body of a smoker and compare it with a non-smoker to see the long term effects of tobacco on the body.

Microorganisms Flash

Find out which microorganisms are useful and which are harmful.

Moving and Growing Flash

Find out all about skeletons, their function and how they help animals and ourselves to move and grow.

Ocean Odyssey Flash

The evil Sea Serpent has stolen Mel Scale the mermaid's voice. Your task is to help her get it back by finding out about sources of sound, loudness and pitch. Works well on an interactive whiteboard and is excellent for sound and hearing topic.