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Biology - Key Stage 4 (15-16 year olds)

Humans as Organisms

Anatomy of the Heart and Lungs Flash

Excellent animations of the heart and circulatory system. They display well on a large screen display.

Exploring Perspective Flash

A great set of interactive animations about the eye, its structure and function. Test your knowledge on the drag and drop activities

Eye Structure Flash

A drag and drop activity involving labelling the parts of eye.

The Tinkering Studio Tablet-friendly

Watch a video of a cow eye being dissected with a commentary which compares the animal's eye with the human eye. There is also an interactive diagram of a cow's eye which indicates all the different parts and their functions.

Absorption Flash

An animation of the process of absorption in the duodenum during digestion.

The Circulatory System Flash

The circulatory system is explained with excellent diagrams and animations. Learn the different types of blood vessels and that substances are exchanged between blood and cells at capillary walls.

The Transport of Gases Flash

Learn how oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported round the body. Fantastic animated diagrams and verbal explanation.

Cell Fertilisation Flash

An illustrated tutorial which shows that fertilisation in humans and plants is a fusion between a male and female cell. Test your knowledge in the multiple choice quiz.