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Art - Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)

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Art Techniques

How to Weave Flash

A step by step guide to weaving with video clips. In this case watch a little basket being made from a drinks carton, but also check out the other weaving ideas.

Weaving Teaching Animation Flash

Great for demonstrating to a class how to weave using a card base.

Drawing with Charcoal Flash

An animated step by step guide to creating your own masterpiece using charcoal.

Perspective Drawing - Linear and Aerial Perspective Tablet-friendly

See how artists used perspective and try to create scenes of your own that have perspective.

Exploring Perspective Flash

See how Canaletto used perspective in one of his famous paintings. This interactive lesson from ArtisanCam has audio commentary.

Coiling for beginners Tablet-friendly

A video demonstration from Curriculumbits of how to make a clay coil pot.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for Kids Flash

Click on the Art Gallery link and select the Learning about Landscapes option for an interactive feature where you can achieve different effects at the click of a mouse.