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Art - Key Stage 3 (11-14 year olds)

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Art Techniques

Drawing the Portrait Tablet-friendly

A fantastic site which covers how to draw each feature of the face in detail. Check the menu at the top to access each section. Teachers could use the illustrations to help students understand the proportions of the face and head.

Face to Face Tablet-friendly

A series of excellent teaching resources about portraits based round a comparison of two portraits from the National Museum of Wales. Well worth looking at if you are planning to look at portraiture.

Exploring Perspective Flash

See how Canaletto used perspective in one of his famous paintings. This interactive lesson from ArtisanCam has audio commentary.

Coiling for beginners Tablet-friendly

A video demonstration from Curriculumbits of how to make a clay coil pot.

Weaving Teaching Animation Flash

Great for demonstrating to a class how to weave using a card base.

Drawing with Charcoal Flash

An animated step by step guide to creating your own masterpiece using charcoal.

The Artist's Toolkit Flash

Explore the tools like line, colour, shape, balance, space that artists use to create works of art in this great site. Each section has an animated demonstration and examples of the concepts in works of art.

Art & Design at KS3, KS4, GCSE & AS/A2 Level Tablet-friendly

Julia Stubbs, an Advanced Skills Teacher in Art and Design has produced this website of exemplar art and design work by students in the UK. Good for ideas.