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Maths - Key Stage 3 (11-14 year olds)

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Fractions: Equality Tablet-friendly

An interactive resource where you can make equivalent fractions using different numbers and try the game to match fractions in different picture patterns to test your knowledge.A useful teaching tool on an interactive whiteboard.

Multiples, Factors and Primes Flash

An excellent video tutorial which explains simply how to find Lowest Common Multiples, Highest Common Factors and Prime Numbers. It is aimed pupils revising for Grade C GCSE.

Understanding Reciprocals Flash

An excellent video tutorial which explains reciprocals. It is aimed pupils revising for Grade C GCSE.

Short Maths Starters and Puzzles Tablet-friendly

Useful maths starter activities which display well on an interactive whiteboard.

Functional Relationships Tablet-friendly

A series of PowerPoint presentation each with accompanying activities and worksheets that help students understand functional relationships such as linear sequences, number patterns, simplifying expressions and more.

Equivalent Fractions Finder Flash

Experiment visually with the values of equivalent fractions of a square or circle.

Percentages Flash

A short series of interactive demonstrations to see how to find percentages of money.

Finding Percentage Increase and Decrease Flash

This tutorial explains step by step how to find percentage increase and decrease.

Compare Fractions and Percentages Flash

The aim of this Skillswise site is to remind learners how to recognise equivalencies between common fractions, percentages and decimals. It has printable worksheets to go with the activities.

Percentage Fractions Chains Flash

A useful teaching tool for use on an IWB particularly for starter or plenary sessions. Set your class the challenge of finding percentage values of figures up to four digits. Work on percentages of money, weight, length, numbers and fractions of numbers.

Number Line Flash

An excellent teaching tool for displaying different number lines.

Counting Stick Flash

A teaching tool to help with number sequences which go up or down. The counting sticks are either vertical or horizontal. There are different levels of difficulty from very simple to including negative numbers.

Function Wheel Flash

A brilliant teaching tool which is really useful for whole class teaching on an interactive whiteboard. It can help with mental maths and can be used for different ability levels for rounding, decimals, addition, square numbers and much more.

Dartboard Double and Half Flash

A teaching and learning tool on doubling, halving, rounding, fractions and percentages. Good for both use on an interactive whiteboard and for stand-alone computers.

Dartboard - Next Flash

Using an image of a dartboard this site can help you round up to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 or whole number when using decimals. Either choose to reveal the answers or input your own.

Finding Estimates Flash

An excellent video tutorial which shows how to find estimates of calculations.

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