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Science - Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds)

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Plants and Animals

Life Stages Not Flash

A life stages activity, with audio, where children need to drag and drop various of images into the correct positions on the relevant life stages. It includes life stages of a butterfly, chicken, flower, frog, human and a tree.

Pairing for Early Science Not Flash

A series of drag and drop science activities where children need to pair vocabulary cards with images. Audio is provided for all the words. Topics include: The Senses, Parts of the Body, Young Animals, Animal Sounds and Animals with Wings.

Frog Life Cycle Not Flash

An illustrated account of the frog life cycle written with two text levels of difficulty. A non-fiction text resource with photographs. Easy to switch to easy text version.

Animals and Us Not Flash

Animals and Us is an interactive resource from the RSPCA. There are lots of quizzes, drag and drop activities, videos and interactive stories about animals and their care.