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Science - Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds)

Plants and Animals

Minibeasts Flash

A lovely site about minibeasts where children can about insects and the life cycle of a butterfly. It also looks at the concept of insect keys.

Frog Life Cycle Tablet friendly

An illustrated account of the frog life cycle written with two text levels of difficulty. A non-fiction text resource with photographs. Easy to switch to easy text version.

Life Cycle of a Frog Flash

A drag and drop activity involving the completion of a diagram of the life cycle of a frog.

The Life Cycle of a Frog Flash

A narrated animation of the life cycle of a frog. There is a short description of each stage which can be read with the sound off option.

Growing Plants Flash

Help Sparky the Alien with activities on growing plants which include labelling parts of a plant, finding out what a seed needs to grow and the life cycle of plants.

Growing Plants 2 Flash

Activities based round the character Sparky the Alien on growing plants. Children can compare vegetables and fruits, label the parts of a tree, spell the parts of a plant and put life cycle pictures in order.

Plant or Animal? Flash

A drag and drop activity where you need to sort different foods as to whether they come from a plant or an animal.

Variation Flash

The first of this website is a sorting activity where you need to sort living things into different groups: plants, mammals, birds and insects. The second is a quiz which highlights different features of living things. Aimed at 6 - 7 year olds.

Growing Plants Science Clips Flash

This BBC site examines how plants need water and light to grow and how seeds grow into flowering plants. There is a parts of plants matching activity and a quiz. There are teacher notes and a printable worksheet.

Plants need water and light to grow Flash

Children can label the parts of a plant and carry out a virtual experiment to see that plants need water and light to grow.

Animals and Us Flash

Animals and Us is an interactive resource from the RSPCA. There are lots of quizzes, drag and drop activities, videos and interactive stories about animals and their care.

PDSA Education Programme Tablet friendly

Activities and educational resources produced by the PDSA in the UK which are aimed at promoting responsible pet ownership. There are PetCasts and video clips of PDSA vets and nurses showing how to care for pets.

Parts of a Flower Flash

A narrated animation of the parts of a flower. Click on the various parts of the flower to see what they do.

Incomplete and Complete Metamorphosis Flash

Video footage with audio explanation of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. The presentation can be paused and viewed with text if required. There is also video of a grasshopper shedding its skin.

ARKive Education Tablet friendly

ARKive is multimedia resource for teachers and educators. It has thousands of downloadable videos and images on a wide range of curriculum topics. The PowerPoint presentations take PowerPoint to another dimension!

Plants and Animals in the Local Environment Flash

Learn more about the environments which plants and animals live in through this game where you sort the living things.