Make a Cute Robins Christmas Card

Cute Robins Christmas Card

Delight your friends and family by making this cute hand-made card. It is an easy project and you don't need anything special. You will just need patience as you need to let the paint dry at each stage if you want to get the best results. You can speed things up though by putting your card in a warm place.

What you need:

  • A5 sized card
  • white paint
  • brown paint
  • red paint
  • small paintbrush
  • black felt-tip pen
  • glue stick
  • old sponge (foam)
  • small piece of black paper
  • scissors
  • cotton bud

What you do:

  1. Write a Christmas message of your choice inside the card.
  2. Dab the sponge lightly into the white paint and gently dab all over your card to create the snowy background. Only create a thin layer of 'snow' so that you can still see some of the original colour showing through. Allow to dry. Paint the falling snow effect
  3. Using your small brush paint brown thumb-print shapes. Allow to dry. Paint the robins' bodies
  4. After carefully washing out your brush, paint red circles on the bottom half of the brown shapes. Draw a small crest on top of each of the robins' heads with the felt-tip pen. Allow the paint to dry. Paint the robins' red breasts
  5. Using the black felt-tip pen draw legs on your robins. Draw the robins' legs
  6. Gently dip the cotton bud into the white paint, only getting a tiny amount of paint on it. Practise making small dots on a piece of paper first and then make two tiny dots for eyes on each robin. When these are dry add a black dot in each eye using the black felt-tip pen. Cut tiny black paper triangles for beaks and glue one on each robin. Add the robins' faces