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Multiplication and Division

Hit the Button Not Flash

Quick fire questions on number bonds, doubling, halving, times tables, division facts and square numbers against the clock. Brilliant for improving mental maths and calculation skills.

Mental Maths Train Not Flash

Mental Maths Train is a maths game which focuses on the essential vocabulary of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. A multiple choice game which can give children confidence in the four arithmetic operations.

Coconut Multiples Not Flash

Coconut Multiples can reinforce children's knowledge of times tables by helping them to recognise the multiples from each table. Select either multiples from times tables up to 10 or 12.

Multiples and Factors Not Flash

A multiple choice game with two game modes. In the first you need to identify the Lowest Common Multiple and in the second the Highest Common Factor. Questions increase in difficulty depending on accuracy

Number Fact Families Not Flash

Can you find all the number fact families? Just the thing for learning the relationship between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.

Carroll Diagram Not Flash

A resource which can be used both in demo mode for teaching how to use Carroll diagrams and in challenge timed mode. The sorting is based on knowledge of multiples.

The Array Not Flash

Create and solve easy multiplications such as 9 x 3. Examine relationships between rows, columns and areas in arrays.

Spinners Flash

A versatile way of generating random numbers which is excellent for use right through the primary school. Spin the numbers and choose the required calculation. Great for starter and plenary sessions. It also provides the answers to the calculations.

What's Wrong? Flash

Spot what is wrong in the multiplication calculation. Covers two digit multiplication by a single digit and also by double digits.

Function Wheel Flash

A brilliant teaching tool which can help with mental maths and can be used for different ability levels for rounding, decimals, addition, square numbers and much more.

Factors and Prime Numbers Flash

An interactive whiteboard resource which introduces the idea of factors. Useful for demonstrating factor trees.

Calculation Balance Flash

An excellent site for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice. Good for learning your times tables. Also it is a useful tool for teachers to demonstrate balancing simple equations.

Dartboard Double and Half Flash

A teaching and learning tool on doubling, halving, rounding, fractions and percentages.

Number Facts Grid Flash

A great teaching tool for demonstrating how addition and multiplication squares work.

Times or Divide Bingo Flash

A useful class teaching resource on division and multiplication by 10 and 100. It includes decimals.

Bingo - Multiplication and Division Flash

A bingo game on division and multiplication designed for use on an interactive whiteboard. Ideal for starter or plenary sessions.

Mental Division Flash

A teaching resource for demonstrating how to partition numbers to divide them.

Dartboard Multiplication Flash

Are you up for the challenge? Sharpen up your skills with these games which really test your knowledge of multiplication tables. Don't forget to put your number in the centre.

Division Flash

The concept of grouping and sharing in terms of division is explained along with an explanation that division is the inverse of multiplication.

Number Spinners Not Flash

This resource from Mathsframe generates random numbers using ‘spinners’ with 3, 4, 5 or 6 sides. You can create one, two or three spinners at a time which can be used in many ways such as generating addition, multiplication or up to three digit numbers.