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Fractions and Decimals

Fraction Wall Tablet-friendly

A teaching tool manipulative which works well on an interactive whiteboard and is useful for demonstrating fraction equivalents and more.

Fraction Matcher Tablet-friendly

An excellent fractions matching game at different levels of difficulty making it very versatile in use. There is an option to play the games against the clock and also with mixed whole numbers and fractions. Highly recommended.

Fraction Fiddle Tablet-friendly

A fraction game where you need to meet orders in a cake shop. Match customer orders written as fractions to cakes that have been cut into segments.

What Fraction? Flash

A IWB teaching resource for helping children to understand fractions of amounts. This resource has attractive sets of images which can be changed to represent different fractions. Intended for oral work.

Fractions Flash

A site which covers equivalent fractions, cancelling and improper fractions.

Fractions Flash

This site is a good teaching tool for demonstrating halves, quarters and thirds. You can download the resource to use offline.

Fraction Flags Flash

Design a flag to match various fractions. Look carefully at the colours you need to use. It can help the understanding of equivalent fractions.

Egg Fractions Flash

Various fraction related activities such as ordering, matching, sharing amounts and more designed around the theme of eggs.

Fraction Square Flash

A simple teaching tool with drag and drop features. Good for demonstrating equivalent fractions.

Fraction Bars Flash

A manipulative which can help with the teaching and learning of fractions. It works well in full-screen view.

Fraction Strip Flash

A simple teaching tool with drag and drop features. Good for demonstrating equivalent fractions.

Fractionizer Flash

Fractionizer enables you to visualise a fantastic array of fractions. Compare, add, subtract, and multiply two fractions with vibrant animations.

Equivalent Fractions Finder Flash

Experiment visually with the values of equivalent fractions of a square or circle.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Flash

An interactive site which explains addition and subtraction of fractions at a basic level.

Fractions of Something Game Flash

Can you find a fraction of the items in the game? A brilliant teaching tool.

Decimals Flash

A teaching resource pack about decimals. It demonstrates tenths and hundredths, how to order decimals, introduces addition and subtraction and helps with problem solving involving decimals.

Decimals Jeopardy Flash

Play in teams or on your own against the clock. The questions on this quiz involve the addition, subtraction and multiplication of decimals. Suitable for 10 - 12 year olds.

Magic Math Market Flash

A learning course on fractions and decimals which is good at explaining numerators and denominators.

Pizza Fractions Flash

A teaching resource which is useful for finding fractions of amounts of UK money.

Percentages of Something Flash

A useful teaching aid for demonstrating percentages of something. Drag the percentages onto the blackboard to see how different percentages look and experiment with different graphics.

Percentages Flash

A short series of interactive demonstrations to see how to find percentages of money.

Percentage Fractions Chains Flash

A useful teaching tool for use on an IWB particularly for starter or plenary sessions. Set your class the challenge of finding percentage values of figures up to four digits. Work on percentages of money, weight, length, numbers and fractions of numbers.

Decimal Detective Flash

Decimal Detective is a game that tests knowledge of decimal values. There are different levels of difficulty.

Compare Fractions and Percentages Flash

The aim of this Skillswise site is to remind learners how to recognise equivalencies between common fractions, percentages and decimals. It has printable worksheets to go with the activities.

Dartboard Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Flash

Use the image of a target board to reinforce equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages. Choose to reveal the answers or input your own.

Fractions Bingo Flash

An excellent teaching resource for enabling children to practice working with fractions. Good for mental maths sessions and for KS2 SATs revision.

Fractions of Amounts Bingo Flash

A superb way to practice finding fractions of amounts including fractions of measures: cm, grams and ml. This teaching resource is ideal for mental maths sessions and is a useful KS2 SATs revision tool.

Proportion Grids Flash

There are various sized clickable grids to represent different fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios.

Percentages Flash

Layout the park with the correct amount of woodland, flower beds, playground and more. This will call on your knowledge of percentages, fractions and decimals to meet the challenges.