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Data Handling

Bar Charts Flash

A truly incredible and flexible resource for teaching both vertical and horizontal bar charts. It even has questions about each graph and different levels of difficulty.

Carroll Diagrams Flash

An amazing site which can really help your understanding of Carroll Diagrams and concepts like multiples, more or less and odd or even.

Carroll Diagrams Flash

Designed for Key Stage 2 children however the starter activity is suitable for 6 - 7 year olds.

Finding Multiples Tablet-friendly

Find multiples of a number, or the common multiples of 2 numbers, and arrange on a Carroll diagram. Great for testing knowledge of tables and multiples.

Data Handling Flash

A Flash presentation which looks at collecting data by using tally marks and transferring this data to a bar chart.

Venn Diagram Shape Sorter Tablet-friendly

A good teacher demonstration tool for different types of Venn diagram.

Mode, Median and Mean Flash

A range of activities where you need to work out the mode, median and mean of numbers.

Mode and Range Flash

In this activity, aimed at 9 - 10 year olds, a number of tables of data are presented where pupils must answer questions about the data and investigate the mode, maximum value, minimum value and range.

Pie Chart Flash

Enter your data in a table and it will be displayed on a pie chart with percentages. It works better in full-screen view.

Data Handling Flash

A teaching resource which has a series of animations which demonstrate the concept of sorting, searching data, creating graphs and databases.

Probability Flash

Fun probability games in the land of Bamzooki. See if you can work out the probability of various Zooks winning a race or escaping from the wheelspin roundabout.

Bar Charts Tablet-friendly

Interpret data using bar charts. A number of different levels available including two step questions and varying scales.

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