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Make a We Three Kings Christmas Card

We Three Kings Christmas Card

Why not have a go at making this easy hand-made Christmas card with the Three Wise Men following the star to bring their precious gifts to the baby Jesus?

It's very quick to do and you can even use up scraps of papers for a great recycling idea, so you don't even need to buy anything especially!

What you need:

  • A5 sized card
  • paper for sand-dunes (you could recycle a brown envelope)
  • patterned paper
  • glue stick
  • gold or silver card or paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • white paper or card

What you do:

  1. Write a Christmas message of your choice inside the card.
  2. Cut two sand dune shapes to go along the bottom of your card - make them overlap across the bottom of the card and cut wavy lines across the top for a great sand dune look! Make the sand dunes
  3. Stick your sand dunes down onto a dark blue card which will look like the night sky. Now let's create our three kings...
  4. Make a template that you will be able to cut round to create the kings' cloaks. Draw a right-angled triangle that is around 5cm tall and 4cm along the bottom. Draw a triangle cloak template
  5. Now draw gentle curves, one inside the triangle and one outside the longest edge as shown in the photograph. Cut out the cloak shape. Cut out the cloak template
  6. Using three different kinds of patterned paper, wrapping paper or even just brightly coloured plain paper, it's simple to create the kings' cloaks. Put the template on top of the first patterned paper and cut round to make one cloak. Cut out two more paper cloaks like this from the other papers. Just remember that all your kings need to face the same way when you cut them out! Cut out the three kings' cloaks
  7. Then stick the cloak shapes onto the sand dunes in a row. Stick the cloak shapes onto the card
  8. Use some flesh coloured or white paper to cut three head shapes (these can be quite rough circles or ovals). If you need some help cutting these - try drawing around a penny first! Stick on the heads on top of the cloaks. Add the three kings' heads
  9. Then cut three crown shapes from gold paper and stick them on top of the kings' heads so it looks like they are all walking along. Add the three kings' crowns
  10. Now let's make the gifts - simply cut these from more scraps of patterned paper or gold card. It's fun to make each gift a different shape and decorate them differently. Try cutting a casket shape or a treasure chest. You could try decorating the presents with glitter glue or crayons. Stick your gifts on so that it looks like the kings are carrying their gifts like in our card. Add the three kings' gifts
  11. Now add the finishing touch, with a star sticker in the top corner, so the kings are being led to Bethlehem. The finished card