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Mother's Day Cards

Tulip Card

Practice cutting and folding flowers, to create this easy 3D tulip card for Mother's Day. It's a great craft extension to maths learning about symmetrical shapes, and will be a lovely card to make for Mother's Day.

Download our free template for you to print out and full instructions.

Make a Tulip Mother's Day Card

Flower Card

This is a pretty Mother's Day flower idea that's perfect for spring, and is easily adapted to different colours, so children will enjoy getting creative!

Check out our guide to making this Mother's Day Card.

Mother's Day Flower Card

Easter Cards

Easter Chick Card

How about making this cute, Easter chick card? It's so simple and quick to make and your friends and family will love it!

Read our guide on how to make this great Easter Chick card.

Make an Easter Chick Card

Easter Basket Card

Try making this great Easter Basket card by recycling some brown envelopes!

Read our guide on making this Easter Basket card.

Make an Easter Basket Card