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All about Easter

Easter Eggs When the shops are full of Easter eggs you know it will soon be Easter. But Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs. Here you can find out the facts about Easter and about its traditions. You can have some fun with our Easter activities too!

Easter Traditions

How did Easter get its name? Discover the facts and the background to Easter traditions. Find out why Christians celebrate Easter and the timeline to the festival from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Sunday.

Learn more about Easter

Receiving Easter eggs is always a treat! Find out how and why the tradition of giving eggs on Easter Sunday came about.

Learn about Easter eggs

Learn about Easter eggs

Easter Activities

Looking for an idea for a simple Easter card to make for your family or friends? Here are some quick card ideas that they will love.

Make Easter cards

Make an Easter Chick Card

Try our simple recipe for these delicious Easter nests. They're easy to make and you'll have fun decorating them with mini-eggs!

Make Easter nests

Easter Nests Recipe

Easter Counting Game

This Easter version of Teddy Numbers can help you to learn the digits and words for numbers up to 15, and can help you learn to count too. It's suitable for 3-5 year olds.

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Easter Teddy Numbers - Learning to Count Game