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Easter Card

Try making this delightful Easter card. It is easy to make by weaving strips of brown-coloured paper – the backs of used envelopes are fine and great for recycling too. We haven't included any templates because you may want to adjust the size according to the size of your card. Happy Easter Card

How to Make a Great Easter Card

You will need:

  • Two different textured brown-used envelopes
  • A sheet of white paper
  • A piece of card
  • Scraps of different coloured paper and foil sweet wrappers
  • A strip of green paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What you do:

  1. Cut lots of strips of brown paper between about 1½cm and 2cm wide. You will need quite a few and it doesn't matter is they are not perfectly straight or all the same width - your basket will just look more natural!
  2. Stick the end of one strip down onto a piece of plain white paper that is just a few cms bigger than your finished basket will be. Carry on sticking the ends of more strips so that they all line up next to each other and their other ends are left flapping. Preparing the basket
  3. Now you can start weaving! Take a strip, add a bit of glue to one end and start on one side, weaving under and over the strips that are lined up on your paper.
  4. For your next strip try and line this closely against the previous one and go over then under (so it is opposite to the previous weave). This will hold your basket together! Once you have a woven block make sure any spare ends are glued down. Then you can draw a basket shape ready to cut out.
  5. Cut out your basket shape and check that all the ends are stuck down. When it is dry, decide where the basket will go on the card (this will help you to position the eggs) but do not stick it down just yet.
  6. Now it is time to fill your basket with eggs! Cut plenty of mini-egg shapes out of coloured papers - add patterns to plain ones, use mix match of plain and fancy eggs, or try a colour-coordinated look. Foil sweet wrappers are good too for a shimmery effect!
  7. Stick your eggs on the card overlapping the eggs so it looks like the basket is really full. You could even leave a couple to stick afterwards on the grass like we did.
  8. Now stick on your basket so the eggs are sticking out from inside it and add any leftover ones for a finishing touch. You may like to cut strips of green paper for grass.
  9. Add your message and your card is ready to write.