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Place Value

Place Value Basketball Not Flash

Place Value Basketball is a fun, base ten blocks game which helps children aged 5 to 8 to know what each digit in a either a two or three digit number represents.

Place Value Charts Not Flash

A brilliant resource for learning or teaching place value. Different levels of difficulty which include decimals.

Number Pieces Not Flash

A great teaching resource which helps children to understand place value. It uses hundreds, tens and ones blocks. It's great for demonstrating decomposition as you can break apart the pieces.

Place Value Chart Decimals Not Flash

A place value teaching tool which is great for demonstrating the value of decimal placings on an interactive whiteboard.

ITP Place Value Not Flash

This resource displays on-screen place value cards to construct and partition three-digit whole numbers.

Place Value to 100,000 Flash

Use the place value chart to find the value of each digit in a number up to 100 000. There is a recording sheet to go with the activity.

Diennes and Coins Flash

Useful place value teaching resources which cover hundreds, tens and units and also decimals. With some you will need to drag the Diennes blocks to represent the number you want.

Place Value Millionaire Not Flash

A maths game which will test your knowledge of place value. Select either one player or two player options. Could be used as a class quiz. Suitable for 10 to 11 year olds.

Numbers to 1000 Flash

Good for demonstrating place value for 3 digit numbers.

Post Sorting Flash

Sort the letters into the correct post boxes by working out the maths activities which include rounding, converting pence to pounds, tens and units and more.

Mystery Numbers Flash

A place value game where heavy blocks need to be drag and dropped in the right place to build the mystery numbers.

The Number System Flash

An interactive whiteboard teaching resource demonstrating place value and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 by moving the position of digits. A teacher led resource as there is little checking of answers.

Moving Digit Cards Flash

An interactive whiteboard teaching aid for place value. It demonstrates the effect of multiplying and dividing whole or decimal numbers by 0.1, 10 or 100.

Place Value Charts Moving Flash

A useful place value teaching resource for demonstrating how numbers are written including decimals.